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 Facebook vs Discussion Forums
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Posted - 18/02/2023  Reply with Quote
Before social media platforms like Facebook, discussion forums were most popular. But while forums can offer a much more organised way to follow threaded discussion, Facebook seems to be more popular these days.

Recently I stumbled upon a discussion on an IT forum titled "Are forums dead?" and while the opinions of what were mostly webmasters (website owners) varied, there was a common belief that forum discussion is much better for any type of discussion that has a chance at arriving anywhere, whether that be a conclusion or just the presentation of all arguments for the reader to decide for themselves.

For example... a question and answer scenario where different aspects can be explored or explained, like in a tutorial or a user-guide about how to stream live video or maintain a snooker table.

Forums are organised by categories in which discussion can be threaded by topic. Facebook posts can be threaded too, but there is no categorisation and no index to be be able to find anything much older than a few days.

However Facebook is undoubtedly a key to getting everyone's attention.


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Posted - 18/02/2023  Reply with Quote
The ASSA uses both a member forum and a Facebook group page, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. My guess is that Facebook is easier for mobile phone users and the latest post is always right under their nose, while this forum needs to be explored to find anything. Although for desktop computer users, the link for Active Topics is easy to find.
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Posted - 24/02/2023  Reply with Quote
Interesting indeed... players have been invited by email and via Facebook. So some players have joined the Facebook group and others have registered as associate members in the forum. But not many have joined both services.
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