The Australian Senior Snooker Association Inc. (ASSA) is a non-profit association incorporated by the Queensland Government in Australia.

ASSA Management and Committee

⦿ President:   William Kent 0401 978 829
⦿ Treasurer:   Bill Horner   0428 877 551
⦿ Secretary:   Joy Flemming   (07) 5408 3340
⦿ QLD Co-ordinator:   William Kent 0401 978 829

ASSA Documentation


The Australian Senior Snooker Association Inc. (ASSA) is not associated with the the World Seniors Snooker Association which is another name for the World Masters that is for professional players of 40 years and older.

The ASSA is not affiliated with any other sporting body for snooker. The ASSA was incorporated to promote and organise championships for SENIOR players in the categories of Over 50, Over 60 and Over 70.


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